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Stye is commonly seen in children and adults.Symptoms include pain, swelling in eyes, discharge of thick mucus from the eye.It can be corrected with homoeopathic medicines.Deep acting medicines can remove the tendency for recurrent styes.
Respiratory tract infections are commonly seen in children and adults with change in weather conditions, dust, pollution etc.Avoid cold and sour food.Symptoms are cold, cough, nose block, difficulty in breathing.Homoeopathic medicines help to improve the immune system so that the child or the adult does not fall sick so often and the intensity of the symptoms keep reducing.These medicines are available at Body and Mind Homoeopathic Clinic at sec-49, The Sapphire, no 260, Gurgaon.
Adenoids is a common disorder seen in children.Symptoms include nose block and as a result breathing through the mouth is common.There may be some hearing loss.Homoeopathic medicines are very effective and an unnecessary surgery may be avoided.
Worm infestations are common in children.They may be thread or pin worms or the longer Ascaris.Symptoms include itching at the anus, increase or decrease of appetite, drooling of saliva, pain in abdomen, teeth grinding.Homoeopathic medicines are highly effective against these worms.