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Sinusitis is a common disorder which is frequently seen with a change in the weather conditions or fluctuations in the temperature.The common symptoms include stuffiness of nose or nasal blockage, headache, thick yellow-green discharges from nose or throat.Sinusitis can be effectively treated with homoeopathic medicines.
Adenoids is a common disorder seen in children.Symptoms include nose block and as a result breathing through the mouth is common.There may be some hearing loss.Homoeopathic medicines are very effective and an unnecessary surgery may be avoided.
Hair fall is becoming a common illness in males and females.It may be due to pollution, stress, inadequate intake of proteins and other dietary nutrients.It can be managed with homoeopathic medicines and hair oils.New hair growth is seen too in young patients.
Stye is commonly seen in children and adults.Symptoms include pain, swelling in eyes, discharge of thick mucus from the eye.It can be corrected with homoeopathic medicines.Deep acting medicines can remove the tendency for recurrent styes.
Polycystic ovaries or PCOD is very common these days.Symptoms are delayed or no menses for months together, weight gain, bloated feeling in abdomen, tiredness, acne etc.This can be treated effectively with homoeopathic medicines.Go get your life back😊